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Everything You Need to Know to Enrol


The study visit is incorporated into the course F710295 International Portfolio, 3 credits. The 80 students who attend one of the study visits and perform the related assignments will receive an evaluation for this course.

Ufora Course will be available for the 80 participants (student log-in required).


  • Enrolled in UGent FEB , priority for 3rd Bachelor Business Administration

  • Curriculum allows student to enrol for elective course "International Portfolio": after selection this course will automatically be added to your curriculum (in the meantime you should add an alternative elective course to your curriculum)

  • Priority to students not participating in Erasmus during academic year of the trip



Enrol for the study visit to New York or London by filling out the Google form below (available end September). 


If you are selected for a study trip:


During a general info session about the NY-LON study visits students will get details on how the visits fit into their curriculum. The supervisors will be available to answer any questions.

The NY-LON trips are quite a success and the available spots are sold out quickly. To ensure a fair inscription procedure, you will be able to enrol during several days, not on a first-come frist-serve basis, so don't rush and fill out all fields correctly. You can enrol for either one or both trips and indicate which trip is your first choice. The computer will perform a random selection of 2 x 40 students, if possible with a 50-50 gender mix per trip. The remaining students will be added to a waiting list and contacted if anyone cancels.


ENROLMENT FORM: available 26-29/09/2024




  • info sessions

  • flights + ​transfers airport-hotel

  • hotel - 7 nights in quadruple room

  • all breakfasts

  • various lunches

  • 5 dinners

  • all fixed excursions

  • unlimited subway pass

  • all taxes and gratuities

  • Ghent University medical insurance

  • reunion + digital version of trip video


Excluded: optional cancellation insurance, international passport (app. €75), ESTA form (app. $21), some lunches, 1 dinner, optional excursions.






  • info sessions

  • EuroStar transport

  • hotel - 4 nights in double/triple/quadruple

  • 4 breakfasts

  • 4 dinners

  • all fixed excursions

  • underground pass

  • all taxes

  • Ghent University medical insurance

  • reunion + digital version of trip video


Excluded: optional cancellation insurance, international passport (€75), lunches, optional excursions. 


Payment will be arranged through an e-mail with link via Ghent University. 

An advance payment of 50% is required within 2 weeks of enrolment.

The balance of 50% and all optional excursions must be paid 8 weeks prior to the trip.

Late payment may lead to removal from the enrolment list.

Students can find more information about possible grants from Social Services here






  • until 8 weeks prior to departure: 10% fee if spot and optionals are filled by another student from possible waiting list;

  • from 8 weeks until departure date: 100% fee; students can opt for an additional cancellation insurance (for example EuropAssistance)


NY-LON is framed in the course F710295 International Portfolio, 3 ECTS points. Students must fulfil the prerequisites in order to enrol for the course. The evaluation for this course is based on:

  • Satisfactory completion of the learning paths Ufora (60%).

  • In groups of 4 students, you will be required to give an interactive presentation (30%).

  • Before the trip you will compile a Who's Who presenting yourself to fellow travellers. After the trip, you will be required to complete a short survey (10%).

  • The teacher has the right to manually adjust grades in exceptional circumstances. Your attitude prior to and during the trip can lead to a penalty for this course.

There is no retake assignment for this course in the retake exam session (unfortunately).

Unacceptable behavior prior to or during the study visits can lead to a Ghent University disciplinary procedure as described in .



Download the app Google Calendar for iPhone or Android on your smartphone. All participants must provide an e-mail address linked to their google account. Prior to departure they will receive an invitation to download the NY-LON Google calendar. This contains crucial information such as addresses, commute times, subway routes, contact details...


Students are covered by Ghent University for medical insurance. More information can be found at In case of an accident or health issue, students must first contact their mutuality via or via Mediphone Assist +32 (0)2 778 94 94 (for OZ customers). 

Students are also covered by Ghent University for civil liability and travel assistance.

Students can opt for an optional cancellation insurance for example via EuropAssistance or Ethias.

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